Successful trials at Spurs

In 2019 we were asked to provide specific solutions for the Groundsman at the state of the art Tottenham Hotspur Training Ground. The need to ensure the playing surfaces are kept to unprecedented standards, along with maintaining the clubs ethos of leading the way in environmentally friendly practices, gave us a clear mandate.

Extensive talks took place ensuring we were able to provide the exact products to meet the clubs needs. Both hybrid pitches and natural turf surfaces were at the forefront of the minds of those tasked with maintaining the playing surfaces. We also ensured that we provided solutions for the golf greens and ornamental lawns at the state of the art training centre


Darren Baldwin, Grounds and Estate Manager for Tottenham Hotspur FC, was keen to work with suppliers that understood the working methods and end goals of the club.

Having approached Ultra Soil Solutions Ltd for assistance, we were impressed with the response. They had no hesitation in working with us to tailor a product line to meet our specific needs. The results have been impressive, resulting in us now adopting the products for the entire academy”.

Darren Baldwin, Tottenham Hotspur FC

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