Organic bio stimulant, nutrient and invigorator. Countering fungal attack by stimulation of the plants natural immune defences.

In addition to improving the overall health of the plant ATTACK can typically aid the plant in breaking down microbial cells and slowing microbial growth.

Its systemic characteristics offers a natural preventive and curative action, offering external elicitors, therefore creating more phytoalexins (natural defence mechanism of the plant), this helps to increase internal elicitors. It has stimulating effects of growth, eliminates plants stress by vitamin C and E traces and acts as a wound healer (cicatrisant).

ATTACK is highly active in the plant traveling via phloem and xylem to the different parts of the plant, working in the plant from bottom to top (radicular) and vice versa (foliar).  

Independently tested by the Sports Surf Research Institute (STRI)

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