A plant nutrient, promoting the plants natural defences to fungal attack

DEFENCE is a targeted blend of natural plant extracts that can help prevent the formation of essential metabolites for fungi, this generates the deformation of some enzymes of the fungal mycelium and the bacteria walls. The membrane Damage causes the drainage of cellular content, thus controlling microorganisms and their reproductive structure.

DEFENCE is a systemic product that can be applied via root irrigation or foliar spray.  

DEFENCE is a cicatrisant which is extremely beneficial to prevent the spread of the fungus, bacteria and other opportunistic pathogens.

It has regenerative capacity of affected tissues, due to the ability of mimonosides to stimulate the mitotic index and therefore, cellular regeneration. Visible discolouration caused by disease / stress damage is speedily resolved by promoting the plants natural SAR mechanisms (Systemic acquired resistance).

Independently tested by the Sports Surf Research Institute (STRI)

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