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35 years of experience providing horticultral solutions

Directed by ex-Tottenham Hotspur Head Groundsman, Andy Church, we have over 35 years experience in the horticulture industry.

Our customer portfolio speaks for itself. Our products are specially chosen to be easy to apply and highly effective. We aim to save our customers time and money, whilst increasing quality and yeild. We supply only the most effective soil improvers and liquid fertilizers, backed up by science and on site testing. We let our customers do the talking.

From Liquid-Calcium to Nematode control, fungal supression to cutting edge pest control, we can help you. We’ve been trusted by world class football clubs, industry leading golf clubs and major fruit growers to get results, we don’t disappoint.

Our soil improver range is engineered specifically to aid the professional grower / sports turf manager in combating growth inhibiting conditions, such as sodium build up, anaerobic layer and iron clogging in substrates,  soils and rootzones.

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